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Why Web...

Customers today have many of commerce choices: mega stores, catalogues, direct market mail and the Web. The Web opens up new market for products and services. The Web is powerful medium where customers browse, compare and buy products and services online or, after researching online make the purchase at 'offline business'. Businesses which follow customers` desire for choice, and integrate into its website the appropriate content and functionality for customer interactions, will succeed.

Good example...

The Web can extend a significant degree of power to businesses which recognise how to use advantages of this new area. A good example is Hewlett Packard ( which, through its website offers:

  • Products and Services
  • Provides technical support features
  • Software downloads, drivers and updates
  • Online store

Jump onto Web...???

A virtual business can be a good choice to expand your market but it is not simple and easy to set up a successful business on the Web. Before starting a new Web venture you should educate yourself as how to proceed. Setting up a business on the Web requires a tremendous amount of planning. Starting a new Web business without understanding the basic things about the Web is like moving throughout the forest in the dark night without any light. Starting without clearly defined goals and a well thought out plan you can lose your already established reputation and your customers. Before moving forward, considerable research is necessary.


If you are the owner of and already established business considering a progress to the Web please visit our sections Already in Business and Ecommerce Business

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