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Web or Windows Applications...

Enetgate provides Web-based and Windows-based applications development with a rich user interface and advanced application functionality to solve business problem. Web appication development or an ecommerce application development requires Web Forms to be used. Windows application development requires Windows forms to be used. Which of these two would be appropriate depend on your business needs. For example, if you want to develop an ecommerce application which will be accessible over the Internet you would need ecommerce application development. Ecommerce application development is more complex than simple Web application development. If you want to have office productivity applications or data-entry systems which are a processing-intensive and need the full functionality of the client computer you would develop Windows-based Application.

Bespoke, dynamic and flexible...

Combining the newest Microsoft .NET technology with Service Oriented Architecture provides an opportunity to develop dynamic and flexible bespoke applications which can easily be adapted to the constantly changing needs in business. Our primary objective is to combine your knowledge of your business requirements with our application development skills to develop applications which satisfy your specific business requirements and comply with procedures of your company. To achieve this objective we prefer to work with you throughout the project development stages concentrating on the business needs rather than just technical aspects.

Our approach...

Our approach is to offer fixed cost solutions for all our projects. We believe that this approach is beneficial to our clients because it allows you to plan accordingly and stimulate us to deliver software on time or even earlier. It is not often the case with large software development companies to provide fixed cost quotation.

The advantages and benefits to your busines...

  • It allows you to truly model how you want your business to run and implement the rules to make it happen
  • Development costs, maintenance cost and implementation risks are significantly reduced
  • Applications are more secure than ever before
  • Running your business while you are on the move
  • Modifications are easy and quick in case of any change caused by volatile market or changing regulations
  • .
  • Integration other Microsoft applications can improve your business performance - excel analysis


Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 we are developing:
  • Web-based applications - using ASP.NET and ADO.NET technologies
  • Widows-based applications - using .NET and ADO.NET technologies
We prefer using VB.NET or C# programming language but we use Perl as well.


Please visit our Web Development section for more information. To find out more about our commitment please take a look at our website section About us. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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