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E-commerce revolution...

The impact of a powerful e-prefix (e-commerce, e-mail or e-business) is everywhere. This electronic revolution is unstoppable trends which radically changing business. Experts are consistently warning that any company which thinks it can wait until new applications are more developed takes a huge risk of being left far behind. Companies that fail to keep up with the opportunities of new technology will almost certainly see their market position overtaken by faster moving competitors.

What is E-commerce...

The gist of the term is the exchange of information across electronic networks. Most often, narrow definitions focus on online trading, buying and selling of goods and services over electronic networks between businesses or businesses and customers. E-commerce is also used to describe how electronic networks being harnessed to make efficiencies in the way information is processed within or between businesses, known as e-business. This text focuses on e-trading or how companies can use the Internet to sell their goods and services.

E-commerce is still growing...

E-commerce is still growing at tremendous rates with much more forecast. E-commerce is bringing far reaching changes to the ways we do business and is set to revolutionaries supply chains as e-commerce "pioneers" Amazon and Dell Computers, prove that the Internet is more cost effective than traditional channels for making purchases. Likewise, many others, and far smaller companies are finding considerable success in online trading. Key findings in e-commerce Survey of Business show that the value of Internet sales rose by 56 per cent on the 2004 figure of £66.2bn, to £103.3bn in 2005.

Getting involved...

Trading on the Internet promises greater market penetration, increase responsiveness to the customers, more flexibility and lower costs. Another benefit is the opportunity to forge closer relationships with trading partners, both customers and suppliers. Electronic links can add substantial value to these relationships, facilitating easy, fast and effective communication. That, in turn, opens the way to continued development of the relationship, as well as innovation in products or services and in delivery, along with more efficient operations. In other words, e-commerce, pursued with the same good-practice commitment as any business strategy, offers important opportunities to cut costs and increase income.

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