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Database Development

Store data securely...

Enetgate can provide database development, which will help businesses to store data securely. Database development plays a very important role in our IT solutions. We use the latest database development software and tools for database development because professional database development requires high professional standard to be followed in database development process. In general, most businesses use and store data electronically, from price lists, catalogues to customer records. We believe that well organised data is the heart of each successful business. If so, then database is the backbone. Our aim is to help small businesses to organise their data as well as design systems which will help them to reuse information or combine it with other applications. For example, a business may wish to have an application which provides an opportunity to create a customer order, store data into database, reuse data when it is needed (create an invoice) or analyse data with other

We are up-to-date...

To achieve this aim we maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the industry, and keep up with new developments in software and database development packages as they come into use. We develop bespoke databases primarily using the newest Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 together provide deeper levels of integration between the database and the application development environment than ever before. We believe that using these software packages combined with your knowledge of your business requirements, can achieve great results because our approach is to work with you throughout the development process.

The advantages and benefits to your busines...

  • High level of security for your data – more secure than ever before
  • Save money - Basic SQL Server 2005 engine is free
  • Incorporate your specific business requirements
  • Support and maintenance for Database Management System
  • Increased scalability and performance
  • Enhanced backup and restore capability
  • Reporting Service – integrated with Microsoft Office

Use SQL Server 2005...

SQL Server 2005 provides the tools for making your data as safe as it can be against sophisticated attacks. Microsoft has provided that in a default installation, SQL Server 2005 choose the right configuration settings, making sure that a new installed system become as secure as possible by default. We recommend using SQL Server 2005 but we are prepared to consider the use of other database packages such as MySQL or Oracle if you currently use them or would like to use them for some reason.


To find out more about our approach and commitment please take a look at our website sections Web Development and About us. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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