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Who is Using .NET Technologies?
What is .NET? Many companies are implementing .NET technologies and Web services to create connected businesses and to provide an opportunity for individuals to communicate more effectively. To find out more about .NET technology in use today, visit the Microsoft .NET Case Study site.
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SQL Server 2005 Security
SQL Server 2005 provides rich security features to protect data and network resources and is a great improvement in comparison with SQL Server 2000 with a lot of enhancements in all areas. To find out more visit Security in SQL Server 2005 site.
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
More powerful and flexible programming model which allows easy changes to the application by inserting new and revised services without having to modify unrelated services. To read more about SOA visit 15 seconds realizing Service-Oriented Architecture with .NET site. What is the benefit of SOA? To find out more about the benefits visit The benefits of a Service-Oriented Architecture site.
ASP.NET Technology
ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft .Net Technology and power tool for development dynamic and interactive websites, web applications and web services. ASP.NET has many advantages. Some of them are: database driven functionality, faster web applications, memory leak and crash protection, caching technique.
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