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Brochure Web Site...

Many businesses take advantage of the Web to aid buying and selling processes. Usually traditional businesses build a brochure website as a marketing tool to promote its products and services. Such Web sites provide information about the business’s products and services, contact information, annual reports, career opportunities and so on. The main goal is to create awareness of the business’s products and services. You do not have to be a large company to benefit from a brochure website.

Online Store...

This is a Web site where visitors buy products and services. An online store Web site is usually known as an e-commerce Web site or Business to Customer Web site. Such a Web site should provide comprehensive information about products and services (e.g. prices, specification, features, picture) to attract customers and give them confidence in the seller and products at the same time. If customers get enough confidence they will make the final step, an online purchase. If you want to take online payments, you must provide a secure reliable system for authorising payment and transactions management.A successful online store should be designed with the ability to store data in a database so that the data can be imported into a back office system (orders, invoices, purchase orders).

Subscription Web Site...

This model of Web sites targets a specific niche of market. Web sites offer products and services which can be sold for an annual subscription fee, a small monthly fee or just buy downloadable copy (access to research information, music and games download, software and so on). A subscription Web site can process payment offline or it can provide a secure online payment system. There are other Web site models like Advertising Web site, Mall Web site, Auction Web site and Business to Business Web site.

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